first_imgIS IT TRUE it was reported by Evansville Courier and Press that County Council member Mike Goebel (D) said “the county should form a task force that includes members of the county and city governments, court and public safety officials, school representatives and others to form a plan to bring to the Statehouse as “a unified front.”?  …all we can stay that Mr Goebel’s remarks were spot on?  …if its decided to expand the Vanderburgh County jail they need to build it should be based on future needs and not the current needs?  …we feel that mental health professionals should also be included on this in task force?IS IT TRUE we are extremely disappointed in the way that State Representative Holli Sullivan (R) and State Senator Veneta Becker (R) handled House bill 1487? … if passed this bill would had raise the City and County income tax from 1 percent  to 1.25 percent in order to pay for the Vanderburgh County jail expansion?  …we hope when they file a similar bill in a year from now to expand the County jail it will be based on the recommendations of a joint jail task force and not some quiet back room political deal?IS IT TRUE since House bill 1487 has been withdrawn by its sponsors we wonder where the City of Evansville is going the extra money to pay down the million of dollars in unpaid city employees healthcare bills?  …we bet the next the next move by Finance  Dan McGinn and his political buddies is to grab more money from our Homestead Tax Credit?IS IT TRUE we know how Mr. McGinn and his political buddies can get a quick $600,000 to help pay down our our city employees unpaid healthcare bills?  …all they have to do is abandoned the plans to build a “penguin” display at the Zoo and take the money and add towards the unpaid city employees healthcare bills?IS IT TRUE the $600,000 earmarked for the “penguin” display is to pay consultants to draw up preliminary plans for this exhibit?  …we are told by reliable sources that the “penguin” display will cost the taxpayers around $8 to $10 million of dollars when completed?IS IT TRUE its obvious that paying your unpaid bills is more important than building a multi million “penguin” display at the Zoo?  …we are hearing that  around 75 city employees are being sued for unpaid medical bills?  …we are told that this may just  be just the beginning?IS IT TRUE that the State of Indiana was ranked an abysmal 47th among all of the 50 states by the 2017 Gallup Well Being Study of States?…that is down a spot from last years ranking of #46?…it is of little real comfort that our neighbors to the south across the money saving bridge were solidly ranked #49 and held onto that ranking with respect to the past?…Indiana on the other hand is ranked below Arkansas but just ahead of Oklahoma, neither of which are known for excellence outside of football?…Indiana ranked 47th for sense of purpose, 49th for social functions, 44th for healthy lifestyles, 38th for community, and 30th for financial well being?…to say there is much improvement possible would be an understatement?IS IT TRUE it has only been 5 short years since the City of Evansville and surrounding areas came in absolutely last in the country and were anointed the “most miserable place in America” in several national and international publications?…the criteria of course is the same as it was for the states?…the factors that led to Evansville’s last place ranking for several years in a row were obesity, high levels of smoking, limited job opportunities, low pay, high levels of pollution in the air and water, and a low self esteem of the populace?…to the credit of Evansville it is no longer a cellar dweller having passed 14 American cities deemed to be more miserable?…it is sort of tongue in cheek but also sort of true that the Winnecke Administration deserves some praise for raising Evansville from the bottom of the list?…we think maybe that chicken fat video may have helped the public health by inspiring people to shed a few pounds?…the clusterbomb of a smoking ban that was overturned for being unconstitutional may have kept Evansville from rising above some more places who have joined the 21 century with respect to public smoking?…it will be interesting to see where greater Evansville ranks in the 2017 Well Being study of cities?Link to 2017 Gallup Well Being Study of States  Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that our elected officials should push the State to include Ivy Tech in the IU-Evansville Medical school project?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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