Porn TV Going 3D in France

first_imgYou’ve got to hand it to the porn industry–it has a long history of breaking emerging technologies, including, most famously, the next generation format war between VHS and Betamax. Could adult films be precisely what 3D TV manufacturers need to help bring the technology into people’s homes?Related question: do people really want their pornography in three dimensions?The answers, I think, are possibly and probably.Marc Dorcel, described by TG Daily as a “prolific French pornographer,” is readying the world’s first on-demand 3D porn channel in that country. More than 60 adult films have been created using the channel’s stereoscopic 3D technology.Said a director at Dorcel’s company, No word on when such a service might arrive on our shores. At a time when audiences are more and more in demand and want to be able to watch what they want, where they want, we are proud to launch this VOD service dedicated to 3D, with already more than 60 programs in which realism is really… impressive. last_img read more

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