The nternet business success three Digg let the website interactive

in understanding the theory of Internet start-ups knowledge, began to field site business practice operation. In this chapter you will detail how to build a web site that fits the user experience.

one, website page planning and style design

two, the choice of web programming language

three, site database selection,

four, site hardware requirements and preparation,

five, server hosting and maintenance,

six, server performance testing,

seven, domain name query and registration

eight, actual drills, domain name applications, Raiders

nine, simple three steps to establish website prototype

ten, 3G mobile site build Raiders

eleven, website payment function configuration

twelve, site ICP filing is indispensable,

Construction and modification of

thirteen and DNS system

fourteen, site CMS, select tips,

fifteen, convenient and small, worry free CMS fast station

sixteen, using Discuz to build an exchange forum quickly

seventeen, build popular SNS website

eighteen, easy to set up independent blog site

read the above content, to the article "Internet business success" (three): set up independent blog site to see.

nineteen, digg, let website interactive

small knowledge: what is the Digg


(Dig) is a new application of Web2.0 in the Digg website is essentially an article review site voting. It combines bookmarks, blogs, RSS, and hierarchical reviews. Unique is that there is no site editor, the arrangement of articles location is determined by the user. Users can submit their own articles, by reading the article to judge whether it is useful, then the "vote", which is more user Dig this article says the most worth a visit, if the support rate than other articles, this article will appear on the home page. The Digg class website biggest characteristic is the user submits, the user grade, the user comments, depends on the user’s strength to gather the high quality content.

at present, many domestic information sites have joined the Dig function, allowing users to vote to determine the ranking of the article. We can also add a Digg channel for their website users to share their love of the article, visit the increase in viscosity of site visitors.

to make a Dig site or for site to increase the channel of Digg, the easiest way is to use existing procedures, there is a variety of Dig source code for download. Such as Pligg>