The Datong Qinhuangdao do northwest snacks daily turnover of 50 thousand

speaking of the northwest, you might think of the Loess Plateau, Shaanxi folk songs and sonorous melodious atmosphere, and cool cave etc.. Can talk about the characteristics of the northwest cuisine, you will say, I have eaten a lot". Northwest delicacy already swept the country, although it is more likely to be named "special snack" make people ignore distinct regional, such as rice, flour, plus steamed meat, mutton, but no matter which side in the city or the countryside, they are all people can always eat delicacy.

because more, may be ordinary. In many people’s eyes, these unique features from the northwest seems to be unable to build a bright dining empire. In fact, this is an illusion. At present in the Central Plains of Zhengzhou, a company called "Qin northwest cuisine" restaurants rely on these authentic, authentic "Northwest special snack" burst of red plains, northwest delicacy dominate the arena, not only the customer full every day, and is preparing to open third stores, fourth stores.


Zheng Dong of Zhengzhou city district known as the "big" area, land on the streets of all kinds of hotel buildings, a lot of the hotel is "the door can fall bird", by contrast, is called a "Datong Qinhuangdao northwest cuisine" restaurants, there are customers at the door waiting every day. It is said that the nearly more than and 700 square meters of the restaurant every day to receive customers in 1000, on revenue of nearly fifty thousand yuan.

what are some of the features that attract so many guests?

the prestigious "Daqin" flagship store is located in Zheng Dong New District Cheung Shing Street Minsheng Road, southeast corner of the intersection, this is a street two storey building, antique door decoration, famous inscribed plaques complement each other, is very significant. From the appearance of this is a very taste of the hotel, from the hanging, posted on the words of this is a collection of Northwest snacks featuring the Northwest restaurant. "Datong Qinhuangdao · Northwest cuisine" "steamed meat plus · mutton soup" and other words not only decorate the door window, also prominently marked these characteristics is. It’s really a big restaurant.

from the menu can be seen at a glance, these snacks are not simple, are derived from the Northwest flavor. Such as: chicken, pepper, northwest Tenodera lamb salad, spicy dish, lamb bones, grasping the meat, roast potatoes, northwest Kang Hanamaki, willow mutton, stewed sheep scorpion Sha wo.

interior decoration is also distinctive, a building door in the hall of stone, brick arched doorway, string hanging red chili, and has a strong northwest cultural connotation of the paper-cut, cloth, drum, shadow decorative painting, make the northwest flavor more thick, create a distinctive regional culture atmosphere >