Business can not be greedy and dissatisfied

some people even do retail small business, but always think of a big profit, resulting in fewer and fewer customers, shops can not operate normally. People often say, "" no business is not evil, the nature of business is bent solely on profit ". Most businessmen themselves believe that the pursuit of profit maximization is justified, understandable. The purpose of business is to make money, but not greedy and dissatisfied. Do business is to make friends, pull contacts, earn appropriate profits, more for customers to consider, in order to be prosperous!

Sunday, a small supermarket in the county to buy daily necessities, as the author in the selection of goods, a fortyish, a foreign accent male customers rush in, he said: "two bottles of nutrition express, to Taishan (grand) cigarette box". "Anything else?" The owner said with a cigarette. "No, how much money," said the customer as he cut his pockets. Nutrition express 5 a bottle, 2 bottles of 10 yuan, cigarettes, $10, the entire $20". "Your nutrition express how so expensive ah, I used to buy, not the price, forget it, forget it, do not buy". The customer said angrily out of the supermarket door.

the customer left the store, I can not help but to regret, because the customer has entered the greedy and dissatisfied, and forcey pushed away, come to a All is lost". Do business is good faith, money must have a degree, if too greedy, contrary to the rules of the market, is undoubtedly a stone to play their feet.

there is a story that we may have heard, saying that once upon a time there was a poor man who saved the life of a snake, and in order to repay him for his help, he asked the man to make a request to satisfy his wishes. This one requires only simple food and clothing, snake meets his desire, then slowly desire, but also to meet the requirements of the official, the snake he. Until he became prime minister, not satisfied, but also asked to do the emperor. At this point, the snake finally understand that people’s greed is endless, so the snake swallowed the swallow. Therefore, leaving a "lack of people swallow the snake phase" of allusions.

if you want to make money, this is really endless to earn, if not only yourself, greedy and dissatisfied, but also may cause customer dissatisfaction. In fact, making money is like drinking water. Mercenary, use unscrupulous divisive tactics is short-sighted, diligent and honest, integrity is the vision of humanity! Business and life, life is the same, only altruism, long-term self-interest. On the other hand, deserted, besieged on all sides only "Wujiang suicide.". So, don’t be greedy to do business, is fundamental to steady.