Another railway into the new schedule

Recently, the new local railway line to tal Ding Kendekeke feasibility study report of the project review will be held in Xining, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Communications Department attended the meeting, means that a schedule I entered the local railway planning in 12th Five-Year.The new

TA Erding to Kendall g local railway is located in the southwest of Qaidam Basin, located in the city of Golmud province Haixizhou Wutumeiren Township, the project has been incorporated into the "Qinghai railway network" 12th Five-Year "and long-term planning" and "Qinghai Provincial Railway" 12th Five-Year "development plan". The line from the planning and construction of the railway station at the western end of Tal Ding grid library standards, the west by the galinge area, end point to the Kendekeke area, the line length of 91.05 km. The railway in southwestern Qaidam Basin mainly bear Kendl Mike J, 1groundwater galinge and Gil, Sora of the iron ore mine and polymetallic ore Sinotrans, to accelerate regional development and attract iron polymetallic deposits, to adapt to the Golmud circular economy park construction, promote the rapid development of the western development strategy and implement the regional economy, is of great significance, at the same time, to improve the intensive degree of regional transportation of mineral products, save transportation cost, improve the road network layout in Haixi Prefecture, will play a positive role in promoting.

review expert group considered that, along with the scale of the development of mineral resources continues to expand, and accelerate the construction of railway projects to promote grid library, Ta Erding to Kendall g local railway to promote regional economic development, enhance the competitiveness of products, expanding the network resources at the ceiling has important significance to lead range.