Four suggestions for college students to start an undertaking

time is up in August, the graduating season of college students are faced with school, and then to start looking for a job. Because the state for college students to support entrepreneurship, so every year there are countless college students embark on the road to success. For college students, perhaps because of young, perhaps because of lack of understanding, will always encounter more problems. Here, small series for college students to provide four suggestions, so that the probability of success of college students is higher.

college students suggest a graduation season is not equal to the entrepreneurial season

graduation season approaching the birth of the recruitment of hot, but there are still many young people feel that their own business is the way out, so a graduation is ready to start their own business. For now the graduates graduated the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship expert Deng Kai said: "now young people have five kinds of " " acute disease; a Graduate Entrepreneurship; two, equal to three, creative entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship is equal to four, the market for listed; lack of respect; five, entrepreneurship is to win the limelight. The five " " acute disease; entrepreneurial process exists in young people, the biggest reason is too quick."

Deng Kai said, in fact, a large number of data show that the Graduate Entrepreneurship has a high failure rate in the absence of some experience accumulated on the basis of business by virtue of mostly young people "a cavity blood", and this passion will be rapid cooling of society, this is the reason why many young entrepreneurs entrepreneurship and unemployment quickly quickly. "For young entrepreneurs more appropriate way is not to be too impatient, aspiring young entrepreneurs after graduation to join the best of an entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial learning from the experience, the accumulation of personal entrepreneurial experience and strength, then the implementation of business plan in accumulation to a certain extent." Deng Kai said.

college students suggest two: new industry should be more careful to deal with

Cui Bo is a university student in Shenyang, next year, graduated from the University, and now in the investigation of the market after the Cui Bo had a business idea, is to open a cartoon peripheral products store. Cui Bo believes that this new industry due to less rival new conception, will have broad market demand.

in fact, many entrepreneurs like Cui Bo, they are looking for new in order to be different.

this, Deng Kai said: now young entrepreneurs in the popular group " young entrepreneurs from the new industry to start " argument, in fact, this situation is to be handled with care. Young people have a lot of new ideas, but creativity is not equal to entrepreneurship, ideas have to operate. Few new industries on the market, but also to do a good job in market research and analysis, careful handling of every detail, must not be a moment of creativity as a blind operation."