How to increase the weight of their own website

is not equal to the weight of the rankings but had a large effect on the very top. The home of the largest weight function. So the home page keyword density, frequency control, do not stack keywords, anchor settings are carefully layout.

must say that love Shanghai search algorithm has changed the previous home page weight to drive within the page weight, now website optimization is not only to provide the first page of the weight on the line, the optimization of the inside pages slowly began to go beyond the home, because the weight of the contents provided >

The weight of

3.2 page keyword

3.3 page keyword set

2. target keywords own index to determine the site of their weight can reach a maximum number of. Because many people is to search some words, some words search less. The general public platform website, the weight above 4, is very good. Similar to the site as our business type electric heating the main keywords, the highest weight I do it to 2, when the site of many words are ranked in the home page. There was no weight of a website can do 3, is also very difficult. So we must do keyword analysis, set your goals.

two. To keep a few select core Keywords:

In addition,

3.1 home key set

1. we must refer to love Shanghai index options keywords, the keywords should also exist in the lexicon of the webmaster tools. Because the weight of this argument does not love the official release of Shanghai, it just launched webmaster tools for web site keywords ranking index is obtained, according to the expected flow grade. This is an important step to obtain high weight.

three. A few keywords set to remember:

site is high, can increase the search engine component, improve ZhengZhan flow, which directly affects the entire search rankings. How to increase the weight of their own website? This is a long and arduous process, because there is no shortcut to website optimization. Indeed, wood also said there is no quick promotion optimization method to rank to earth, follow the prescribed order. We need to start from many aspects.

. Web page title can not stack keywords, and is not suitable for long string. The core keywords or index of high word, placed in the first position to optimize. General set 3,4 can be, much easy to share the weight of

The reasonable layout of the

conditions can establish its own independent server, ensure that visitors can quickly open the web site search spiders. Today, Shanghai has put love algorithm loading speed as the influence of the factors. Load faster, higher ranking, slow speed, will lose more than 50% of the traffic flow, directly affect the weight. At the same time, the server is not stable, not normal visit, it will definitely be search engine drop right or be k

has a stable server