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first, the same page under the same keywords do not appear different links. Second, the same page under the same links do not appear different keywords. Third, the same page do not appear in different links of the same keywords. Fourth, the same page keywords links page text according to the demand and quality ratio. Fifth, the same page keywords links do not exceed 5, while including the core keywords and absolute information content, the title of the article link. Key words sixth, take home a website link in 80%, the absolute information index page can occupy 20%. Keywords multiple core seventh, web site optimization internal links to time. In section eighth, the main keywords for the topics under the keyword link. Ninth, page home page for links to the core keywords choice, column column address keywords to link to the high correlation of long tail keywords absolute path link. Tenth, web page links and internal links number and proportion of the overall need according to the web site in the search engine weights in the actual situation. This is more difficult to grasp, if not grasp what the website is very easy to fall right.

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