Some see only a small part beautiful Shanghai Longfeng optimization details two

Introduced a lot of classification navigation do better

/guang/catalog/dress? Cata_id=2000000000000& word=34295& price=all& page=0§ ion=hot

/guang/catalog/dress? Cata_id=2000000000000& word=34355& price=all& page=0§ ion=hot


the three URL corresponding title is: "know, repeat title for the adverse effects of Shanghai dragon for the beginner of Shanghai dragon staff.

in addition, we generally recommend to the URL of the website are standardized, especially URL need less as far as possible the dynamic parameters, such as? = & are dynamic parameters, the above URL can be seen clearly that a lot of beautiful parameters, may affect the collection of this page. You can see the three page URL "in the collection of love Shanghai and Google, Google in accordance with the"

/guang/catalog/dress? Cata_id=2000000000000& word=34347& price=all& page=0§ ion=hot

1, on the classification of navigation

front, if we carefully check and analysis, you will find that in fact beauty is indeed a new website, there are a lot of hard work we need to perform. For example, we in the column navigation click enter "clothes" this column, you will find that there are many sub categories this section below, for users, this is a very good thing, the user can from the website directly into the desired products section, but look at each of the corresponding URL and classification the title, you will find the problem. For example, click to view the "dress" vest "T-shirt" of these three columns, the corresponding URL is:

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to introduce some of the beautiful Shanghai dragon optimization details, talk more shallow, also get some criticism of everyone, I will be criticized, because a criticism of others that I do not good enough, do not want to do a little better, this article then the article analyses for everybody said some of the beautiful Shanghai Longfeng details, in front of the most talked about is beautiful to say some good aspects do today, mainly from the beautiful Shanghai Longfeng do still need to improve the place of talk about some of their own views.