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second chain. In determining the main domain name, then in the construction of the chain in the same domain to distinguish between the main and auxiliary link. When you as the main domain name with WWW, so in the construction of the chain, links to choose is WWW, not WWW. If the chain is < a href=贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝> < /a> anchor text; this form. So you can put the weight of the website are gathered in a domain name with WWW, naturally does not produce the problem of dispersion of the website weight. Here a little attention to, when you know which one is the domain name which is the secondary domain name, in the construction of the chain is to be preferred to link the main domain name, not just the choice of a page pointing. If your primary domain weight has been high enough, want to enhance your weight of other pages, this time can be targeted to select the chain link. But generally do not have the full weight of the site, unless it is deliberately need to upgrade a page weight.

first do 301 redirection settings. Many webmaster love the two domain name to a website, one with WWW and one with WWW, if we first determine the uniqueness of their domain of words, the website weight is very unfavorable for aggregation. For example, in the 301 redirect case, search engine will not put their weight concentrated in a domain name, but by the weight equally to two domain names, natural sites with or without WWW WWW two domain names also have a weight of a part of a website, this is very bad for us concentration of weight. So, we can use the 301 redirect to website domain name is unique, if you make sure your domain name is selected with WWW based, so don’t take the WWW 301 redirect to the WWW domain name, so that the search engine will know which one is the domain name of the website, which is sub domain, while the distribution in the weight will naturally take the domain name WWW.

which let the webmaster also let love stand changhen love nature is when their weight increased rapidly, and is also the weight of hate decline. For the webmaster, effective aggregation website weight to a fixed position of our optimization more popular keywords quite helpful. After all, everyone knows that the weight is high, ranking is good, traffic is large. And the weight and height of the web site in the search engine response position, also let us analyze whether the site to search engine friendly. But some owners do not know how to gather your weight, a few days ago as in the forum to see a webmaster asked the necessity of aggregation weights and how to gather the weight. I believe we are interested in this problem, today I talk about their own experience to optimize, analysis how to effectively gather the weights of the website.

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