Analysis of Shanghai dragon outside the chain of the importance of the construction under the new si

had many webmaster as long as forum to mix a account, the chain name sign a website, and then in each big forum reply to your post, you can get the number of the chain good, or to someone else’s blog on the release of the chain, the free meal now although also can eat, but for love Shanghai, so the construction of the chain is not equal to, or even to the site have side effects, so many owners can only choose the second Links and put a small amount of money to the other sites to send a soft Wen what, but the effect is not obvious.

since the construction of the chain site is so important, the difficulty is so high, so how to better improve the chain site? The author thinks that still can get such a chance as long as think of ways, such as we can go to A5 or Chinaz and iResearch, Donews website submission, if you write the manuscript quality good, the content of the writing have their own point of view, can also attract other readers, generally able to get through, and these contributions can also end department on the name of your website, although these sites through the text outside the chain, but the reprint volume of these sites are very high, and the chain will be transformed into hypertext or reproduced after the anchor text, which is very helpful to the construction site.

of course there are some need to invest a little money for the construction of the chain, this way has two kinds, one kind of choice of the construction of the chain company, their resources are very rich, the chain construction company must choose if the industry have a certain degree of authority, A5 is the chain service like this. It also has some advantages in price, the key resource quality is very high, this is the key, if some of the construction of the chain company of your choice, you have been put to the website K, or "

this is not to say that the construction of Shanghai Longfeng chain optimization is not important? You know love now Shanghai foreign chain requirements not only become higher, but also the external chain in the site weight distribution has also been weakened, now more and more attention to the site stickiness, bounce rate and conversion rate and content the quality of other elements, and the structure of the site, the site within the chain is smooth, the weight distribution of the chain basically is weakened by more than 20%, but even so, the optimization of the chain on the site still occupy a large place, because even been weakened by 20%. So the website chain weight overall is quite high.

love since Shanghai in 2013 for Shanghai dragon optimization frequently upgraded, so that more and more owners feel now engage in the optimization of the chain cost greatly reduced, but the content of high quality as auxiliary, but also a lot of money into the high weight website, and the website also and their websites have certain the delivery channel correlation, also have certain relevance, and the role of the chain has been weakened, but also must have a chain of the anchor text or hypertext chain, these optimization rules change, really make a lot of long foreign chain construction gets a headache.