Do video station QiantuWangzhuan industry is deep and shallow with everything you say

in Wangzhuan industry don’t eat a big fat

      some people say that China’s video station is about to enter the cold winter, some people say that China’s video station is about to carry out large-scale reshuffle. Perhaps, for the company to do, delivered in the form of costly burn video station, this is indeed the case. But for a video station where individuals can make money and earn one money, it could be another heavy day.

      personal station to do video station to make money, there are roughly four reasons:

        first, bandwidth cost is lower than movie station. As far as individual stations are concerned, movie and video stations are probably the largest and most profitable ones. Like the well-known free movie station BNB88, the income in one year is more than one million. Personal video stations and movie stations make more money models, but since the average video is much shorter than the movie, even if the video station and the movie station have the same bandwidth, they can attract a lot more visitors.

        second; attack back more freely than the company shipped. Personal video stations are more flexible than companies do. When the benefit is good, you can let go and do it badly. Even if you turn off the station, it won’t be as embarrassing as the video station the company does.

        third; easier to content and do hot traffic. Youku, Zhang Yu hit a hit, to the general promotion of the video station provides a train of thought: only willing to make hot spots, not afraid of Web sites can not sell. Personal video station may not receive Zhang Yu as the big one, but don’t worry, be willing to use their brains, spend money to mobilize grassroots netizens enthusiasm and passion in life there are still too many hot spots could be manufactured and chaozuo.

        fourth; advertising revenue is more diverse. Worried about personal video stations can not find advertising? Those companies are not afraid of the video station, what are you afraid of?! Click on advertising, SMS registration, traffic monthly, advertising and so on can be done, as long as the flow up, but also afraid of making money?

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

in Wangzhuan industry for 3 years, but is still a network of migrant workers, these years saw Witkey website releases have seen Taobao cheat, guests do not give commission, have personally experienced online survey has not mentioned the pain over 50 to present, as part of overall net profit the army, I have a "network of migrant workers" four words, but to say that this four years of harvest is not, it is not possible. After all, not to pay tuition fees, to learn the experience, just as he had in the University during Witkey thought that his manuscript, high quality will be recognized by others, in fact, far from the society in our imagination, some main directly set up a small, select the account of his own bid, finally in the course of contacts. To his account, his last experience, is to write code to others in Witkey online, or to write only half of a successful case, the two sides to discuss the right to work again, then I go directly to the A5 to do the task, save a lot of trouble. Therefore, a person’s growth is always a process, and I personally this process also summed up five words to everyone, hoping to give you a little practical reference.


this is absolutely Wangzhuan industry law, the Internet is a cash Qian Shu, not only that you know, many people know, so Wangzhuan industry competition exists, in the fierce competition for >

pays, does not necessarily have the repayment, but does not pay certainly not to have the repayment


is a more popular Wangzhuan model is probably the technique of the task model, with pig, A5, more reliable to make money this way, do is live, plus the two website to ensure credibility, transaction security is also worth trusting. Of course, I am not to give the two website advertising, just want to say if you are involved in Wangzhuan industry going out, you don’t have to make money, people in real life, the Internet also is such, it is impossible to say some people do not have the ability to obtain benefits, will say now popular survey way to make money, this Wangzhuan mode does not require technology, only his own opinions into a click, and then get some points, with points for RMB, this model can only be used as a leisure way to make money, earn a month fee or can, but as a means of livelihood is not reliable, after all this Wangzhuan mode may get a larger Commission, is an industry gathering Wangzhuan ability place, you can’t just with a few mouse clicks to get a commission, impossible, With this kind of typing and make money, this is not more reliable, their propaganda is not a deposit, just a computer, you can think of a monthly income of 5000, there is such a good thing, in the end or become their members, set up a few hundred dollars on pay membership fees. So in the Wangzhuan industry don’t eat a big fat man