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Internet era, 90 entrepreneurs enjoy huge capital dividends. While the capital to 90 olive branch, an important reason is that this group is good at starting from their own experience, but mining are dusty demand already, and in the face of these requirements, they are not that older to complain, but trying to find a solution.

"solitude is a business, and that’s what our team is doing."." Zheng Xiaoyu expresses. "There are some different phenomena in different eras, but the phenomena reflect the same thing.". For example, now popular self timer, square dance, in fact, all because of loneliness."

"is a major feature of 90 entrepreneurs is interested in entrepreneurship, rather than the older generation belongs to the entrepreneurs, they are often from their own experience, to find out what the needs of this group, so can really meet the needs of the market." YBC China Youth Entrepreneurship International Program dean of entrepreneurship Institute Du Kui said.

thank you very much for the experience of working in the union. It was a good memory for me to help my colleagues and webmaster who grew up, so that I could enjoy it all my life. Today to write this article, but also with the webmaster to share my experience, people have to live forever, a grateful heart, like-minded friends can share. I want to say, do Wangzhuan like playing games, also need skills and cheats. When playing the game, we should be gradual and practice; Wangzhuan similarly, not only on weekdays to be good at summing up experience, but a long time will days and months multiplying, a faction.

join Wangzhuan three years, I believe that the generals do not want to be soldiers is not a good soldier; not do Wangzhuan webmaster, it can not be called a webmaster. Of course, this can not be generalized, we also see a lot of the public website, not to mention, here, refers to those personal webmaster and company website! Before alliance advertising company for a long period of time, the size of a web site every day, countless, China site classification is various, flowers contend. But more is uneven, but a real net webmaster, everyone will know Wangzhuan, otherwise, it can not be called a webmaster.

day before IDG capital announced the establishment of a $100 million IDG90s fund, aimed at 90 entrepreneurs. Sequoia Chinese founder Shen Napeng has publicly said that the TMT field early pioneering projects have reached 85, 90 after the era of vocals.

one night in 2011, Zheng Xiaoyu, a sophomore, returned to his dorm room. People around him were surfing the Internet. He was bored and wanted to go out to play, but he didn’t know where to go. "That feeling was lonely and angry."". Three years later, Zheng Xiaoyu and the team founded the social networking platform play together Beijing "received 5 million angel investment, and it is then that feeling let him know what young people today, let the unreal feeling eventually realized as a business.

to participate in the promotion of the game work for two years, only web games, there are many doorways, each game in the promotion before, we will play it, play more on finding problems, possible when everyone started to play, the same level, the same skills, but before long, he uneven in quality earlier, why? I thought it was a game player, online time range, but later discovered that the problem is not so. To play a good game player, have experience, they use the browser to speed up the game page, improve the speed of the game using the plug-in, so a three day will be more than the ordinary game player, the browser acceleration, is a tool that can give the game "acceleration, can also be hung size play, this is a game of skill we also need the webmaster Wangzhuan, such skills, do Wangzhuan like game player, opportunistic, in order to better.

Zheng Xiaoyu knows very well that his users are a bunch of lonely people. His "play Beijing platform" is a group of people hoping for a common interest in online, in real life can also have better communication, "we open party together."".

in addition, also want to tell you, not any form of Wangzhuan your website are suitable, only speak alliance, is divided into CPC/CPA/CPS………… So many different ways in me an example, CPA registration, this way, do not need to have the website super flow requirements, but there must be a way to do it, just like playing games, you can find the tools, Wangzhuan also need "plug-in"


angel investor Xie Hongzhong voted last year

capital love 90,

I said this, but you must understand their own website, must well understand your advertising, we can earn gold, but in an empty. Before met a good many examples, the webmaster impressed me, the owners are still reading, the campus is rich in resources, they built a study site, at the same time he hired two classmates, contact the local Internet cafe, and one by one to school their own website publicity color pages, the page not only.

, the project team on the platform has just started to be over 30 years old, and now 80 has taken the lead, and 90 has begun to emerge." Equity congregation raised platform Angel sinks senior Venture Capital Manager Ni Jingwen pointed out that the 10, there are 6, 7 is 80 including 90, the direction focused on the TMT field. "In traditional industries, investors will value the age of an entrepreneur, but in the Internet, young entrepreneurs have more opportunities.

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introduction before the IDG capital announced the establishment of a $100 million IDG90s fund, aimed at 90 entrepreneurs. Sequoia Chinese founder Shen Napeng has publicly said that the TMT field early pioneering projects have reached 85, 90 after the era of vocals.