HUAWE sink three or four line city iron heart and OPPO vivo grab the marketNewbie Wangzhuan millio


in fact, this may be the new retail trend dictates, that is, line and line integration development. At the same time, it is also because of the rapid development of a second tier city, many consumer goods have been saturated, and the three or four line cities and rural areas still have great potential for development. Part of the reason for HUAWEI’s strengthening of the city’s layout below three lines may lie here.

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in recent years, to three cities and rural subsidence has become one of the commercial layout strategy, after the Jingdong and Ali, the two electricity supplier giants have action. Jingdong, in particular, has just announced the opening of 100 Jingdong convenience stores across the country, with half of the convenience stores open in the countryside.

and the more important reason is that the previously unknown OPPO and vivo successfully cross the road through the "encircling the city from the countryside" strategy. In many lists of smartphones, OPPO and vivo, both of which are famous for their offline performance, are running after HUAWEI, and many times even surpass HUAWEI.

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held in the days before the fourteenth HUAWEI global analyst conference, HUAWEI consumer business department to review the past year’s performance and the future development strategy. In addition to overweight global expansion, HUAWEI also stressed the following three lines of urban channel coverage, and further activate the mobile value-added cloud services and after-sales service experience.


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‘s rapid rise to OPPO and vivo has been analyzed in detail by several media outlets last year. Among them, FT had written "OPPO" and "V>"

at home, last year, OPPO is the 78 million 400 thousand mobile phone shipments in the first place, while HUAWEI is 76 million 600 thousand places in the second. In addition, vivo ranked third in 69 million 200 thousand place. From the annual growth rate, HUAWEI is 21.8%, while OPPO and vivo are 122.2% and 96.9% respectively.

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from IDC data show that in the global smart machine slowdown in the context of growth, OPPO and vivo growth is exceptionally strong. In 2016, HUAWEI shipped 139 million handsets after Samsung and apple, while OPPO and vivo followed by 99 million 400 thousand and 77 million 300 thousand shipments. From an annual growth rate, HUAWEI is only 30.2%, while OPPO and vivo are 132.9% and 103.2% respectively.

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, although the latest data from TrendForce show that in the first quarter of this year, HUAWEI’s mobile phone market share ranked first, while OPPO and vivo ranked second and third. But from last year’s global and domestic mobile phone shipments and growth rates, OPPO and vivo have exceeded HUAWEI’s potential and strength at any time.

in OPPO and vivo launched this "people’s war", HUAWEI also joined.