10 WordPress plug ins to get traffic

once wrote about how to improve the quality of visitors, to encourage them to stay at your site more time, and hope they will bring you different benefits: for example, click on the ads, see the love of things, buy your links by earning commissions and so on. But how to put them first and how to get them back? This article is more than just some plugins that will bring you new visitors and more repeat customers. The repeat customer is the regular user.

Sharebar – social media toolbar


plugin is actually the soul of this article, because we’ve met a lot of people asking us how to set up this plugin. Emblog also has such a plug-in, but it’s not perfect. This plugin is currently being used on my other blog. The blog program is wordpress. This blog uses the M4GO template, and of course, the plug-in like this is the default. These social media plug-ins generally do the same thing, and they want to share your blog content. This makes it easier for visitors to save and share your posts, and also to get more visitors to your site. Do you know where to download this plugin?. If I don’t know what to leave, I’ll let you know.

my English blog, when I was marketing on TWITTER, found that there was always no proper plugin to publish my articles directly to Twitter. This makes me very upset. And that means I have to look for a share button or make a button. But it’s very troublesome. Knowing that I found the plug-in, and connecting it to Twitter. As long as someone reads your article, it will respond. Ever since I installed this plugin, my blog has been on the run all the time. If visitors also have Twitter accounts and share your posts, then more visitors will come to your site and there will be more repeat customers.


, Tweet, old, post, tweet, old post,

was installed on my whim, and of course it was installed on my English blog. Think this plug-in is just a chicken ribs, not much effect, but chicken ribs may also be a little useful. I sent all my posts to Twitter via Tweetadder. In order to encourage people to read my old article. You can set up links, extra text links, extra text, and even short links. Every day you send it regularly, you can better activate your old post.

so you can spend 5 minutes setting up these questions. And send to Twitter, you can bring considerable traffic. If your fans are large enough and active, then your traffic is very large. This plugin is only for country I guess