We do not owe MoBay United any money – PLCA

first_imgThe Premier League Clubs Association says it does not owe any money to Montego Bay United (MBUFC) despite claims by the dethroned Red Stripe Premier League champions. In a press release issued by vice chairman Carvel Stewart on Wednesday evening, the PLCA pointing to the western Jamaica club’s period of non-membership to the organisation, noting that incomes and other benefits obtained through sponsorship can onlybe claimed by members of the association, a situation it says MBUFC acknowledged when they pushed for PLCA non-inclusion.  Both parties have been at odds for some time and things took a turn for the worst when league sponsors Red Stripe suspended broadcast of the league after a protesting MBUFC turned up for their first leg quarter-final against Arnett Gardens in non-branded kits. The sponsors also reportedly took issue with the kicking of one of its advertising boards at the venue by MBUFC representatives.  However, the league administrators are arguing that no money is owed to Montego Bay United by themselves or any of their sponsors.  The PLCA release noted that the PFAJ met with MBUFC in July 2016 with the club arguing that it had a right to separate from the PLCA under its own rules and those of the PLCA, noting also that the MBUFC representatives which included club president Orville Powell, indicated its intentions to fully observe the league’s rules and regulations including honouring all its branding requirements. “On the afternoon of September 2, 2016 a letter dated August 12, 2016 was received at PLCA’s office. The letter, the promised decree absolute, stated MBUFC’s separation from PLCA with an additional provision that it did not wish any further benefits from PLCA’s negotiated incomes. The PLCA Board subsequently met on September 6, 2016 and after lengthy deliberation accepted MBUFC’s departure as well as its wish for no further benefits,” said the PLCA. “After consultations with a firm of attorneys PFAJ again met with MBUFC on December 8, 2016 to inform it of the lawyers’ opinion that it could not participate in the league without being a member of PLCA. MBUFC eventually wrote to PLCA on January 19, 2017 advising of its withdrawal of its departure. PLCA’s Board deliberated the merits of its re-admittance over some time as the public utterances and actions of MBUFC had harmed all other stakeholders in the league. The Board eventually accepted PFAJ’s recommendations as stated above.” “PLCA wishes to state that the incomes and other benefits obtained by it through hard work and much sacrifice are primarily for the benefit of its members and towards financing administration of the league. It is not available purely on the basis of participation in the league. For the avoidance of doubt and to clear up misconceptions we repeat that the funds and other benefits obtained by PLCA are for the benefit of its members and towards administration of the league, not solely for participating. MBUFC, being cognisant of this, initially, acknowledged same in its request for non-inclusion of receipt of further benefits while not being a member.” “Premier League Clubs Association (“PLCA”) confirms that it does not owe Montego Bay United Football Club (“MBUFC”) any money nor does Red Stripe or any other sponsor,” read a release issued to the media late on Wednesday. “Despite the innuendos, half-truths and outright lies stated publicly by MBUFC’s representatives, PLCA wishes to inform all interested parties that Red Stripe has no contractual relationship with or responsibility to MBUFC. Similarly MBUFC, of its own accord, wishes and desires, was not a member of PLCA from August 12, 2016 until March 31, 2017. PLCA’s Board of Director’s voted to accept the Professional Football Association of Jamaica (“PFAJ”) recommendation that MBUFC be readmitted as of April 1, 2017.” “Briefly, on the evening of June 21, 2016, MBUFC, through its President Mr. Orville Powell, announced on CVM television’s Football GPS show, its intention to terminate its membership of the PLCA. PLCA subsequently received a letter of the same date confirming MBUFC’s intention. In July 2016, PLCA made representation to the PFAJ stating that MBUFC should not be allowed to leave PLCA. PLCA further recommended a change to the league’s Rules and Regulations that would require all clubs to be members of PLCA. Both were denied as it was stated that our company documents did not prevent clubs from leaving and the rule change was not agreed,” the release continued. last_img