Russian circus launched promotions

Adventure, excitement, wonderful, hot, is the people’s Park staged a Russian circus brought joy to the summer capital of Xining. In order to give back to the general public, the Russian Malaysian drama is now introduced a series of promotions, welcome to watch.

sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Municipal Bureau of forestry, Xining evening news co sponsored the "charm of Plateau · passion summer Russia circus national tour activities will continue until August 26th, when -16 -21 at 19:30 at 14:30 every day, when the two performances. The Russian circus circus world is synonymous with the highest level of history can be traced back to eighteenth Century, its basic actor solid and animal well domestication, has won numerous awards and recognition all over the world. The Russian circus came to Xining with brilliant performances, very creative performances, brought huge performance team, all kinds of animal star tigers, lions, bears, monkeys, sheep, horses, the many star players and won many international awards program. The show is funny acrobatics, and thrilling tamer performances, there are large Russian dance, is a rare surprise, odd never show, the majority of visitors to bring a visual and auditory feast. read more

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Qinghai Lake part of the scenic spot will be launched on the occasion of the festival

to celebrate the eighty-ninth day, July 30th to August 2nd, the Qinghai Lake scenic part will launch promotions, servicemen and their families held a military officer who can enjoy free tickets activities, activities include Qinghai Lake, Milton scenic scenic Jiro sword and Niaodao scenic area.

it is understood that the event to celebrate the army at yushuiqingshen Festival, "as the theme, from July 30th 19:50 every night, will launch the activities of sea sacrifice, night, fire fireworks and other rich in Qinghai Lake scenic area, the activities will be concentrated in the Qinghai Lake scenic Jiro sword pier plaza. At that time, visitors can not only enjoy the long sea sacrifice the charm of traditional culture, but also take the scenic cruise to enjoy Qinghai Lake beautiful sunset, innovative forms of activities and the activities of rich content, will enhance the appeal of the activities. read more

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Xining financing 1 million 200 thousand yuan of 3500 workers will be difficult to get Union funding

December 22nd, Xining Federation of trade unions to send warm activities start. During the event, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions to raise 1 million 200 thousand yuan, the city’s trade unions raised nearly 2 million yuan, will visit the 3500 workers in difficulty, migrant workers, the party and the government care, care of the whole society and trade unions care to their hands.

reporter learned that, from December 22, 2009 to the end of January 2010, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions will focus and visit the disadvantaged groups of four categories: one is the key areas, the impact of the international financial crisis and the difficulties of enterprises industry workers; two is due to the difficulties workers by all kinds of disasters caused by the poor; three low marginal workers living in especially difficult to because of a serious illness, such as school children for special reasons; the four is difficult for migrant workers. At the same time, this year will focus on the Xining City Chuangwei work in hard hard worker labor visit. read more

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Xining city to strengthen the administrative efficiency construction

in order to further promote the "three basic" construction, to further consolidate and expand the party’s mass line of educational practice, the East District held a working meeting, issued work plan and other measures, continue to promote changes in body style, improve administrative efficiency, promote the healthy and stable development of the region’s undertakings.

is the unity of thinking, strengthen organizational leadership, set up departments efficiency construction leading group, the units are set up appropriate working bodies, the formation of the Party (party) the working mechanism of unified leadership and government together, leading group guidance and coordination and departments duties, the whole society to participate in a wide range of. Pay attention to the supervision of the implementation of accountability, effectiveness, carry out regular and regular thorough investigation. Give full play to the discipline inspection, supervision, finance, audit and other departments within the party supervision, the level of supervision, the supervision of specialized organs, the role of public opinion supervision and social supervision, the formation of supervision. To verify the existence of the problem, strict accountability or serious treatment. The publicity, creating an atmosphere of public opinion, making full use of the Internet, billboards, briefings and other forms of publicity, create a good atmosphere for public opinion, the whole society to care, support, participation and supervision of administrative efficiency construction. And in a timely manner to promote the recognition of the effectiveness of the construction of the emergence of advanced models. Overall, pay attention to see the results – the construction of administrative efficiency is closely combined with the comprehensive deepening reform, to reform to boost the administrative efficiency improvement; close up and consolidate the party’s mass line educational practice combined with the results, to prevent the four winds problem rebound; together with the three three real strict special combination of education, strengthening the contingent of cadres the ideological and political education; create and spiritual civilization especially window units, the window industry to create activities closely together, achieve the overall strengthening of grassroots organizations, basic work progress, the basic ability to enhance, to achieve the "two promotion, two". read more

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Train ticket pre sale time for 20 days after the implementation of the Xining Railway Station opened

Railway Corporation announced: from December 1st onwards, the railway Internet Ticketing, telephone booking pre-sale period will be extended to 60 days before the first 20 days. In the face of the history of the longest train ticket pre-sale period ", Qinghai’s" buddy "don’t rush, I also temporarily province in accordance with the pre-sale period of the original 20 days to buy train tickets, etc. the Xining Railway Station opened after the operation, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will be immediately executed 60 days pre-sale period. read more

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Western livelihood projects invested 481 million

In January 29th, in the West District of the seventeenth people’s Congress of the fifth meeting on 2015, the west area of the project for the tangible things have been released, a people’s livelihood, reflects the wishes and aspirations of people, but also highlights the government services for the people’s attitude and determination.

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Xining City East District 10 specially invited supervisors official posts

Recently, Xining east district government hired 10 special supervisors, through thorough investigation, visits to the masses, the field view of the form of division of labor within the scope of their respective units to carry out supervision and inspection, to strengthen and improve the style of work.The

employs the specially invited is Chengdong district to carry out strict discipline, improve the style of special activities, give full play to the role of the community in the construction of a clean government, to further promote another important measure for the construction of the official style. For the problems found in the inspection, the special inspector will be submitted to the District Commission for Discipline Inspection in the form of written materials, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection in the relevant departments to confirm the verification, the units or individuals will make the appropriate treatment. (author: Su Jianping Ning Ji) read more

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Xining power supply company to troubleshoot equipment to ensure that the green power supply will be

green contact will be approaching, Xining power supply company to strengthen the line inspections, careful investigation of equipment hazards to ensure reliable power supply during the green fair.

Xining power company attaches great importance to the Green Fair during the opening ceremony and exhibition venues of electrical work, specially organized forces of substation, power lines and equipment for special training, find defects in time, ensure that the power supply line, equipment of "zero defect" operation; and increase the remediation efforts of external environment of the substation line channel which, to strengthen security measures around the construction site, cranes and other large equipment to avoid the blackout, ensure that the power transmission channel smoothly; at the same time, Xining power supply company of exhibition center with the power lines and equipment carried out a dragnet inspection, found hidden to the user to carry out rectification, to nip in the bud". read more

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Seager tier years electrified wire

Reporters learned from the Qinghai Tibet railway company, the Qinghai Tibet railway to Golmud to build the second line of the second section of the tunnel project has entered the final stage of. Xining to Golmud section of the Qinghai Tibet railway will be formed during the year and the ability to achieve double line electrification.Deputy general manager of

"sigma second-line project has a total investment of 13 billion 100 million yuan, Guanjiao tunnel project has been completed in April 15, 2014 across the board, is currently stepping up construction of track circuits and other related facilities, accompanied by the end of 2014 will be completed and opened to use, then, Qinghai Tibet Railway will be opened to realize electrified wire operation." Jiang Zehai said.Section Golmud of Qinghai Tibet Railway read more

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