Little Yang Shengjian joined a good franchise

food and beverage industry, more and more entrepreneurs welcome, including snacks franchisee is accounted for most of the catering business number, which also shows the competitiveness of food industry is large, no feature is not possible in highlighting the catering industry in an invincible position, Yang Shengjian joined a unique fried stores, will make you satisfied.

"hunger breeds discontentment" now, people increasingly high requirements for the quality of life, the food and beverage market snacks everywhere, it is difficult to meet consumer demand, uneven in quality, only those distinctive, delicious delicacy will attract eyeball deep diners favorite. Today, the development of any industry is constantly changing, despite the public’s demand for food is very high, but the traditional food and beverage industry has been unable to meet the needs of the masses today. Small Yang Shengjian bring authentic delicious, it appears to bring the public to enjoy the food, and will retain a large number of diners. read more

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The martial arts blessed business park officially opened

in order to attract more business, but also to promote the development of local entrepreneurship, and now there are a number of entrepreneurial parks throughout the country. The martial arts · blessed business park has also recently officially opened, which can meet more the needs of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and career development leap better.

recently, · focus on the introduction of the martial arts district; blessed business park officially opened. It is reported that the park a total area of about 8600 square meters, is a blessed business park since its inception in 2011 fourth business incubator Park, although the area is the smallest, but the location advantage is obvious, may be from the Wulin Square of a business park recently, straight-line distance of 1.5 km range. read more

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The Eleventh China Banking Association micro entrepreneurship award yesterday announced

China in the past to rely on the development of low-cost labor to develop intensive industries, with the increase in labor costs, the development of innovative industries. Small and micro enterprises is the most fundamental force in the development of innovative industries.

12 1, China Banking Association and Citibank (China) Company Limited ("Citibank Chinese") was held in Beijing the Eleventh China Banking Association (Citigroup) "micro entrepreneurship Award" awards ceremony, in recognition of outstanding entrepreneurial success of micro entrepreneurs and outstanding practitioners of microfinance institutions, officially released "the 2015 Chinese microfinance industry development report", and to open a new chapter in the form of meaning "the first release of micro finance institutions" in the case, both of the past work experience, but also for a new ten year development reference. read more

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Planning children’s advertising should take into account the age of children

ads to be targeted, if you are selling snacks, then the face of the masses of consumers. If you open men’s clothing store, then pay attention to the male consumer demand. So do the children’s clothing business. Children’s market is not a single, so in the planning of children’s clothing advertising, should be based on different groups of children’s psychology and targeted advertising appeal, according to the characteristics of children’s psychology and groups can be divided into four groups: read more

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Wang Dongwei cigarette sales need to understand the situation and need to be full of confidence

this year the whole market environment is not ideal, this is a fact that many people are aware of. Cigarette sales in many stores have also been affected, the results are not ideal, however, does not mean that any retail sales of cigarettes are not optimistic. If we can find the right way to operate, can also create a high sales. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone to know about Wang Dongwei’s successful sales experience.

Wang Dongwei: Hello everyone! My name is Wang Dongwei, who lives in Anhui County of Qianshan province is one of five Miao Xiang, has 17 years of experience in the retail business of retailers. It has always been a big focus on cigarette sales, but since 2012, I have come to realize that it is becoming more and more difficult to sell cigarettes. I think as a retail Household in order to do a good job of cigarette sales, we must recognize the current grim situation, to take full account of the environment faced by cigarette sales in the past is not so good. Part of the retail market confidence in the future of the market is insufficient, there are many retailers on how to do a good job of cigarette retail households confused. read more

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Zhang Yan rural girl easy to start a business

for a lot of rural children, not admitted to the university will be able to successfully change their destiny, perhaps entrepreneurship is really a tool to change the fate of. Zhang Yan was born in a Guangdong in a remote rural area, had a taste of living in poverty, often do not have enough to eat, wear not warm, the so-called "the poor children early masters", Zhang Yan is also very sensible, academic performance has been among the best, but because of the high tuition fees, so she had to drop out before, in order to reduce the burden on the family. Zhang Heyan to working in the big city. read more

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Small losses often bring more returns

now because of the social environment so that many people are not willing to lose money, afraid to eat a little loss, more so over, do business but the business is getting worse. The way to do business, there is no law. As a businessman who wants to own business prosperous, wealth, wealth, but not all businessmen can turn this beautiful dream into reality. Only those who are full of wisdom, thoughtful people to the correct use of business acumen, want to set hundreds thousand, clever digging opportunities, wealth. read more

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